3 of the Most Awesome Extreme Sports

I think you’ll agree with me:

Extreme sports are the best way to pump up your adrenaline level! These sports are not like any other sport out there, the sportsmen life face constant danger and just a tiny mistake can lead to a tragic death. But nobody wants to risk their lives for a pump of adrenaline… Right?

NO! Let’s take a look at the 3 of the Most Awesome Extreme Sports!

1. Base Jumping

I’m wondering what was in the head of the man (I’m gonna guess it’s a man, haha) that did the first base jump, I mean he was looking at this tall building, probably sitting on his Harley with a 10 inch beard on his face and a beer in his hand and he said to his friend; “Bro, let’s jump from that building with a parachute, that’ll be so damn cool!” Anyways, base jumping is first in our top 3 simply because it’s the most dangerous sport in the world! A person dies every 2.317 jumps. Basically, you climb a tall structure (building, antenna, bridge etc), you jump from it with a parachute tied to your back and you deploy the parachute a few seconds before you hit the ground, a little malfunction or just bad luck leads to certain death.

What’s the bottom line? Although it’s a great, great sport you should never try it unless you have a lot of training, experience, and a good insurance policy. ┬áCheck out this jump in Dubai!

2. Wingsuit Flying

If you ever dreamt of flying through the air like a bald eagle then this is the sport for you! Wingsuit Flying involves jumping from a plane or a tall structure with a crazy-looking wingsuit and a parachute for landing. The fact that makes this sport so cool is that we, as humans, always had this dream of flying like a bird. But before you get all hyped up, let’s don’t forget that this is also a very dangerous sport. The sportsmen often fly meters away from a cliff, and a sudden gust of wind could smash him against the rocks. The wingsuit was developed in the late 1990’s. However, the first attempt was made on 4 February 1912 when the tailor Franz Reichelt jumped from the Eiffel Tower with a combination of wings and parachute, but unfortunately, he hit the ground head first and died.

3. Ice Climbing

Chances are if you live in a place with extreme winter conditions you know what this is about. Ice climbing is pretty much similar to rock climbing, the main differences being the equipment, and that you climb icefalls, frozen cliffs, and slabs of ice. Although this sport has become safer than it used to be thanks to modern equipment, it still takes a lot of fitness to deal with the harsh, sub-zero conditions. If you want to begin ice climbing, there are a lot of clubs out there that offers guidance and lessons on how you should choose and tackle the terrain.